Established in 2003, TAIZHOU SHIMGE MACHINEY AND ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is an expert manufacturer of air compressors. We produce six series of products that includes portable oil free air compressors, direct drive air compressors, belt drive air compressors, high pressure air compressors, gasoline air compressors, and rotary screw air compressors. These air compression units are versatile machines that are suitable for a number of different jobs across a wide range of industries. All of our products are produced according to international standards and we are fully certified by the CE, CCC, GS, ROHS, INMETRO and etc. Contact us to learn more about our outstanding line of products. Read More

  • Portable Oil Free Air Compressor

    Oil free air compressors provide constant, stable and clean compressed air to customers.

  • Direct Drive Air Compressor

    The direct drive air compressor features an efficiency of 98-99%, with almost no energy loss.

  • Belt Drive Air Compressor

    Belt drive air compressors use a motor to drive the belt, then drive compressor operation.

  • High Pressure Air Compressor

    The high pressure air compressor is suitable for customers who have higher requirements for gas output and appearance.

  • Gasoline Air Compressor

    The gasoline air compressor is applicable to fields without electricity. It has a strong power, easy operation, sufficient displacement, low energy consumption and small vibration.

  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor

    SHIMGE produced rotary screw air compressor has a power of 7.5-132kW, characterized by low noise, low energy consumption, large air supply, dry and clean air.

  • Motor production workshop
  • Pump head assembly workshop
  • Gas tank workshop
  • Assembly workshop
  • Medical Air CompressorIn many medical industry applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical instrument air supply require clean compressed air.
  • Industrial Air CompressorAir compressors have a wide scope of application in manufacturing, such as plastic manufacturing, food packaging, beverage production, and other operations.
  • Woodworking Air CompressorCarpenters, experienced or novices will most likely be lost without an air compressor. Air polishers, nail guns, spray guns, and other woodworking tools are all powered by compressed air.
  • Air Compressor for Auto Repair ShopAir compressors are widely used in the auto repair field. They are used for tire inflation, pneumatic tools, tire changing machines, lifters, etc.

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